If you’re looking for an all-around great massage chair perfect for any day or night, look no further than Shaper Image. Known for their variety of high-tech home electronics, Sharper Image is one of the best brands in everything lifestyle. And now, we offer two of their top chairs at Tanning Beds Direct that you’ll never want to live without.

Relieve 3D Massage Chair. This chair offers some of the best comfort money can buy. Control your relaxation with over 20 preset programs designed to give you the ultimate massage, including:

*Programs that help you wake up your mind and body like Energize, Morning, and Flex;
*Programs designed to help you sleep at night, including Soothe, Relax, Recover, and Night; and
*Programs that target different areas of your body, such as Upper Back, Lower Back, and Full Body.

With a 49” track, the Relieve 3D has 3D mechanisms designed to mimic human hands that reach the entire length of your body. Complete with foot rollers and 5 levels of deep tissue massage, this massage chair is the ultimate in comfort. In addition to this, heated zones in your calf and lumbar areas provide you the relaxation you need to let that stress melt away. Be sure to download the Sharper Image app on your Android or Apple device so you have every control of your massage chair right from your phone. And complete your massage experience with your choice of music or soundscapes playing out of surround-sound Bluetooth speakers built right into this chair.

We can’t forget about the true zero-gravity features! Originally developed with NASA in mind, true zero-gravity ensures your calves are above your heart level, decompressing your spine, taking the pressure off your lower back, and improving your body’s circulation. With these features in mind, it’s hard to think about relaxation without the Sharper Image.

Revival Massage Chair. If you’re looking for a simpler solution to your relaxation, check out the Sharper Image’s Revival massage chair. This chair comes with a remote pre-programmed with 8 different automatic massage routines: Full Body, Revive, Neck Back, Waist, Extend, Just Air, Ease, and Bedtime. No matter how you’re hoping to relax, the Revival can provide just that.

If you want a massage outside of the pre-programmed options, feel free to control your massage manually with four different styles, including shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and knocking. A heated lumbar area ensures your back is relaxed, and if that one knot just won’t disappear, work it out with targeted regions such as glutes, calves and feet, back, palms and arms, shoulders, and neck. Try out different areas to find your ultimate relaxation package.

No Sharper Image chair is complete without zero-gravity relaxation. With three levels of weightlessness, give your body and back the support it needs to decompress and hold you higher than ever. This position not only relaxes your spine, but it also gives each massage roller an improved effect when rolling over each and every sore joint and muscle.