SunLite Tanning Beds for Sale

SunLite Tanning Beds (Low Prices!)

SunLite Tanning Beds at Excellent PricesSunLite™ is a premium brand of elite tanning beds. Whether you are looking for a home tanning bed or a commercial tanning bed, you will want to consider a SunLite. At Tanning Beds Direct, all SunLite tanning beds are listed at the lowest prices and ship for free within the contiguous USA.

To give you an even better deal, each SunLite tanning bed ships with a pillow and eye protection. Commercial SunLite tanning beds also include tanning lotion and tanning bed cleaner. Search through our selection to find the SunLite that will suit your needs!

Everything You Should Know About SunLite Tanning Beds

Free Shipping at Tanning Beds DirectAt Tanning Beds Direct, we have a variety of SunLite tanning beds here for you to choose from, each with different features. You will want to first narrow down your search by purpose: do you want a residential tanning bed, or will it be for use at your business?

SunLite Tanning Bed with Included Body FanWe list a number of SunLite home tanning beds. Choose between two categories: the standard SunLite and SunLite Deluxe. The Deluxe models offer shorter tanning times at 12 to 15 minutes and automatically include features such as a body cooling fan and Mp3 audio player. If you're looking for something a bit simpler, without all the bells and 

SunLite Tanning Beds Produce a Bronze Toned Tanwhistles, the SunLite 16 includes a large tanning surface for extra comfort and has an extremely economical price. Make sure you take full advantage of your home tanning bed by ensuring you lay in the proper position to get a more even tan.

The commercial SunLite models are designed to offer clients a luxurious visit to your salon or gym. With their special arrangement of facial bulbs and Wolff bronzing bulbs, audio system, and 15 minute session time, commercial SunLite tanning beds offer a relaxing visit and a beautiful bronze-toned tan. Offering these benefits is just one of the ways you can encourage your clients to return.