Wolff Tanning Beds (Best Tanning Bed Bulbs)

Wolff Tanning Bed ProductsAt Tanning Beds Direct, many of the beds in our huge selection have Wolff tanning bed bulbs. That's because Wolff™ is one of the top names in the industry and is often mentioned when it comes to the brand for the best tanning bed bulbs.

Our Wolff tanning beds are among the Solar Storm™ and SunLite models and are listed at discount prices. In addition, they ship for free within the mainland USA and are covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee. Peruse our carefully chosen selection of Wolff tanning beds to find the best one for you. 

Everything You Should Know About Wolff Tanning Beds

Solar Storm Beds with Wolff Tanning Bulbs for SaleWolff™ is a private label brand name for premium tanning lamps that are included in Solar Storm™ and SunLite tanning beds. Our Solar Storms include both commercial and home tanning bed models. Most come with the standard Wolff tanning bed bulbs; for some, you can opt for the Wolff bronzing bulbs. All of our tanning beds have bulbs that emit a combination of both UVA rays and UVB rays to offer you a combination of a strong tan along with vitamin D. While standard bulbs emit more UVB rays, the bronzing bulbs emit more UVA rays, which provide a deeper, more bronze toned tan. This is because this type of ray sinks deeper into the skin.

Stand Up Bed with Wolff Tanning Bed Bulbs for SaleOur Solar Storm Wolff home tanning beds are customizable - select one of three colors, which Wolff tanning bed bulbs you want, and whether to include a fan and Mp3 player. Add the features you like and leave off the ones you don't!

Wolff commercial tanning beds are highly popular. With 24 to 48 Wolff tanning bed bulbs and traditional lie-down models as well as stand up models, they are perfect for tanning salons and gyms. This is particularly true with the stand up tanning bed models - customers are exposed to light from all sides for a more even tan, SunLite with Wolff Tanning Bed Bulbsand less direct contact with the customer's skin means they are easier to clean after each use. SunLite commercial models offer more benefits as well - they include a mix of Wolff tanning bed bulbs specifically designed for the face and body.

Always make sure to use safe tanning practices and follow the set tanning session time. To get the most out of each Wolff tanning bed session, you may also want to prepare for tanning sessions beforehand.