Solar Storm Tanning Beds (Best Prices)

Solar Storm Tanning Beds for Sale at Amazing PricesSolar Storm tanning beds are a subset of ESB Tanning Systems. However, they deserve their own place in the limelight. Solar Storms are the most popular of ESB beds, and for good reason! These models are very customizable, offering optional features such as alternate color choices or a fan and Mp3 player. Select the features you want to get the perfect tanning bed for you.

Everything You Should Know About Solar Storm Tanning Beds

Solar Storm tanning beds are available in home and commercial tanning bed models. (If you are looking for a tanning bed for your home, it is best to select a residential model - commercial tanning beds have different power outlet requirements and price points.)

Wolff Brand Solar Storm Tanning Bed Bulbs

Most of our Solar Storm tanning beds have standard Wolff tanning bulbs. Others offer the option to select an upgrade to Wolff bronzing bulbs. Standard Solar Storm tanning bed bulbs emit primarily UVB rays while the bronzing bulbs emit more UVA rays. While UVB rays offer more vitamin D, UVA rays sink deeper into the skin and produce a more bronze toned tan - hence the name "bronzing bulbs."

Stand Up Commercial Solar Storm Tanning Beds - Perfect for SalonsBoth of our commercial stand up tanning beds are Solar Storm models. Stand up tanning beds are popular in salons because they offer a more even tan. Special aluminum reflectors help spread the light to ensure it completely surrounds the customer during a tanning session. They are also easier to clean - since the customer has less contact with the interior solar storm tanning bed parts, there will be less sweat and tanning lotion residue to clean up after each use.

In addition to our low prices and 0% sales tax, our tanning beds are covered by our Lowest Price Guarantee. We compare our prices with those of our competitors to ensure we are giving you the best deal.