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Tanning Beds for Sale: Best Brands and Best Tanning Bed Prices

Our tanning bed prices can't be beat, and we carry a huge selection of the top brands on the market including ESB. Prices for all commercial & home tanning beds for sale from these top manufacturers have been discounted by up to 36%. 

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Everything You Should Know About the Best Tanning Bed Brands

ESB Tanning Beds for Sale at Tanning Beds DirectOur top selling tanning beds are made by ESB Tanning Systems™. This well-known company manufactures their products in the USA and has nearly two decades of experience in the business. ESB offers a wide variety of home, commercial, and stand up tanning beds for sale. Whatever your needs, ESB tanning beds will be able to match them.

ESB has multiple collections. Their signature collection is considered to be the Avalon series. The Avalons are home tanning beds that include features like timers and cooling systems. The Avalon 32 also comes with tanning lotion, UV eyewear, and tanning bed cleaner. In addition to the Avalon, other ESB

Solar Storm Tanning Beds at Tanning Beds Directcollections include the Galaxy series and the ever-popular Solar Storm series.

Solar Storm is a subset of ESB tanning beds that deserve their own spotlight. With a minimum bulb count of 24 Wolff tanning bulbs, Solar Storm models are customizable with multiple colors available and optional add-on features to help you customize the bed to your specific needs. Add what you want and leave off what you don't to get the best tanning bed price for your needs.