Stand Up Tanning Beds Sale!

Our stand up tanning bed prices have been discounted by up to 36%! With a stand up tanning booth, you can enjoy a perfectly even tan and more space while you tan. 

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Everything You Should Know About Stand Up Tanning Beds

Tanning Beds Direct has both home and commercial stand up tanning beds for sale. For those who are looking for a home tanning bed, stand up tanning booths offer convenience and save you money. Tan whenever you want in the comfort of your own home. No more driving in traffic to the salon or scheduling expensive appointments.

Stand Up Tanning Beds are perfect for use in GymsOur commercial stand up tanning booths are made for use in salons and gyms. These models have optional add-ons and more bulbs. Stand up tanning beds are ideal for commercial use because they offer more space for the customer inside the booth, offer perfectly even tans, and are much easier to keep clean.

Regardless of whether you intend to use your booth for personal or commercial use, stand up tanning beds offer a lot of benefits.

Stand Up Tanning Bed Results

When you use a stand up tanning bed, the UV rays sink into your skin from all sides, meaning you will not need to rotate halfway through the tanning session to get an even glow. Stand up tanning beds also include special reflectors that help spread the light. 

Stand Up Tanning Bed Benefits

Stand up tanning beds typically have more interior space, allowing you to move more easily. With more room to raise and lower your arms, many users find that a booth gives them a more relaxing tanning experience - perfect for those who want a tan but are prone to anxiety in tight spaces.

Customers Pay No Sales Tax for Stand Up Tanning BedsAnother key feature of stand up tanning beds is that they take up less floor space. While you will still need space to open the tanning booth when it's in use, in between tanning sessions, a stand up tanning booth will leave you with more space in the room.

AND don't forget - when you buy your stand up tanning bed from Tanning Beds Direct, you will be charged no sales tax!

Cleaning Your Stand Up Tanning Bed

Stand Up Tanning Booths are Easier to CleanUnlike traditional lie-down tanning beds, in a tanning booth, you will not have significant contact with the sides. This means that less sweat and tanning lotion residue will be left on the booth's surfaces, making them easier to clean. However, you should still clean the tanning bed after each use. If you have a home booth, you can either purchase a cleaner, or you can make your cleaner at home.