Choosing The Best Tanning Bed

(3 Things to Consider)

1. Best Tanning Bed for You: Home or Commercial?

Get your perfect tan with the best tanning bed for you!At Tanning Beds Direct, you have so many options for different types of tanning beds, bulb counts and bulb types, features, and so on. We're here to help you narrow it down to the best tanning bed for you so you (or your clients) can get the optimal tan.

The easiest way to begin narrowing down your search is to decide whether you would like a home tanning bed or a commercial tanning bed. Home tanning beds are designed for residential use, while commercial tanning beds are for use in tanning salons and gyms.

If you are searching for a residential tanning bed for sale, you may be tempted to think that a commercial tanning bed will provide better results. Likewise, if you own a salon or gym, you may think you should opt for a home tanning bed to reduce costs. However, it is very strongly recommended that you choose a tanning bed that is specifically designed for your purposes.

Home Tanning Beds

ESB Home Tanning Beds for SaleEven if you are an experienced tanner, a home tanning bed will get the job done. Home tanning beds typically have lower price points than commercial tanning beds, and they almost always require only 110 volts. 

While tanning beds direct offers the lowest prices and free shipping, there are still price variations for some of our tanning beds, and our goal is for you to get the best deal for the best tanning bed for you. There's no need for you to pay extra if you (or you and a couple of friends or family members) are going to be the only one using the tanning bed. A home 110 volt bed will also be better for residential use. Commercial beds are 220 volts and require their own circuit breaker.

Commercial Tanning Beds

Best Commercial Tanning Beds on the MarketIf you are looking for a tanning bed for your salon or gym, you should select from our commercial tanning beds. We carry the best commercial tanning beds on the market, and these models are designed for multiple uses per day, have different power outlet requirements, and have special warranties. Home tanning bed warranties are rendered void if the home tanning bed is used for commercial purposes.

Commercial tanning beds also have the level of luxury that clients will expect. Our commercial beds have a minimum number of 24 bulbs and go up to 48 bulbs. They also include or offer the option for features like cooling systems and fans, music systems, and timers.

2. Best Tanning Bed Brands

Now that you've determined whether you will need a commercial or home model, you're on the right track to selecting the best tanning bed for you. You may also want to consider the brand of your tanning bed. Tanning Beds Direct carries the top brands in the industry: ESB, Solar Storm, SunLite, and Wolff.

Solar Storm™

Best Tanning Bed Brands: ESBSolar Storm is a highly popular subset of ESB Tanning Systems. ESB is a well-recognized brand with multiple product lines that also include Galaxy and Avalon tanning beds. Solar Storm models include both commercial and home tanning beds and are customizable. For some models, you can select one of four colors, and for most, you can opt to upgrade to bronzing bulbs or add a fan and music system. Select the features that you'll enjoy, and leave off the ones you don't need.

Wolff™ Tanning Products

Top Tanning Bed Brand: WolffMany of our tanning beds have Wolff tanning bed bulbs. Wolff is a highly recognized and trusted tanning bulb brand. Wolff bulbs are either standard bulbs or bronzing bulbs. Unless you specify otherwise, your tanning bed will arrive with standard Wolff tanning bed bulbs. These bulbs emit primarily UVB rays. For many tanning beds, you can select Wolff bronzing bulbs. Bronzing bulbs emit primarily UVA rays, which sink deeper into the layers of your skin, promoting a deeper, longer lasting tan.

3. Price Point and Features

As we have already discussed, home tanning beds tend to have lower prices, while commercial tanning beds usually have more features. Scroll down to learn more about price points and features for the best home tanning beds and the best commercial tanning beds on the market.

Best Home Tanning Beds

Best Residential Tanning Beds for Sale: SunLite 16Not only can a home tanning bed be cheaper and easier to install in your home, you also have a greater variety of bulb count and features For more bulbs and optional features, go for something like the Solar Storm 24

On our home tanning beds collection page, you can opt to organize the tanning beds in order of price or popularity. Select your favorite brand or your preferred bulb count and read more on each product page. 

Best Commercial Tanning Beds

Since they are designed to handle many uses per day and typically have more bulbs and features, commercial tanning beds typically have higher prices. However, they also have special warranties. You can view the warranty Best Tanning Beds: Solar Storm 32information specific to the model you're looking for on the product page. For additional peace of mind, Solar Storm commercial tanning beds also have the option for an extended electrical warranty.

Our commercial tanning beds for sale range in bulb count from 24-48 bulbs, and most offer the option for an upgrade to Wolff bronzing bulbs. Make your selection based off of the wants and needs of your customers. If you own a salon, tanning beds with higher bulb counts and bronzing lamps can warrant higher 

Best Tanning Beds: SunLite 24 Deluxeprices per tanning session. Some clients may be looking for luxury features; others may want a cheaper tanning package. Depending on your client base, it may benefit you to offer your customers multiple options.

For a happy medium between features and price point, take a look at the SunLite Pro 24. It has the lowest price point of our commercial beds and automatically includes an audio system, turbo cooling system, tanning lotions, and tanning bed cleaner.

4. Stand Up vs. Traditional

Another thing to consider is whether you - or your clients - would be more comfortable in a traditional lie-down tanning bed or a stand up tanning bed. There are benefits for both.

Lie-down tanning beds are the traditional design. When people think of a tanning bed, they most likely picture a lie-down model. This means that those who have experience with tanning may be more accustomed to a lie-down tanning bed. Lie-down beds can offer a relaxing experience. Not only that, if you are looking for a lie-down tanning bed, whether for commercial use or home use, you will have a larger selection to choose from.

Best Tanning Beds: ESB Stand UpStand up tanning beds are growing in popularity, especially in commercial establishments. For those who are anxious in tight spaces, a stand up tanning bed may be a relief. While it takes up less floor space, the stand up tanning bed's larger interior offers more room for the user to move around comfortably. 

Standing while tanning offers two other significant benefits. In a lie-down tanning bed, users will have to rotate periodically and be careful not to create creases in their skin. Uneven light dispersion over the skin can cause light patches or an uneven tan. A stand up tanning bed will provide a more even tan. This is because they have special reflectors that ensure that the user's whole body is immersed evenly in the light. Rotating is not necessary - just arching your back a little so no light is blocked from reaching the area on the back of your legs beneath your bottom.

The other special benefit to using a stand up tanning bed is that the user's body does not come into as much contact with the interior of the tanning bed, making it easier to keep surfaces clean. This is especially helpful when it comes to commercial establishments, which have high sanitation requirements and must clean tanning beds after every single use. Even if you are the only one using your home tanning bed, it is best to clean it after each use to avoid a build up of bacteria that can thrive in a warm environment.

Home Tanning Bed Comparison Chart

Free Shipping at Tanning Beds DirectWe recognize the importance of ensuring you can select the best tanning bed for you. Even after reading through our tanning bed tips and selection guide to determine the type, price point, and bulb count you want, you may not want to search through our large selection until you find the bed that's right for you. To save you time, we created a home tanning bed comparison chart.

Remember - regardless of which model you select as the best tanning bed for you, Tanning Beds Direct offers free shipping and 0% sales tax for our customers. For any questions about our products, the ordering process, or shipping information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

*Please Note: Pricing is subject to change. Actual pricing is listed on the product page and may vary from the comparison chart.

Tanning Bed Model Bulb Count Tanning Session Time Type Price
SunLite 16 Home Tanning Bed 16 20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed $1,795.63
Galaxy 14 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 14 20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed $1,849.00
Galaxy 18 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 18 20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed $1,949.00
SunLite 16 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed 16 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
SunLite 24 Home Tanning Bed 24 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Avalon 16 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 16 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Solar Storm 24 110v Home Tanning Bed 24 15-20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Galaxy 22 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 22 20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Avalon 20 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 20 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
SunLite 24 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed 24 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Avalon 24 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 24 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Avalon 28 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 28 17 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Galaxy 26 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 26 20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Solar Storm 32 Home Tanning Bed 32 15-20 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
SunLite 32 Deluxe Home Tanning Bed 32 12 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Avalon 32 Home Tanning Bed by ESB 32 15 minutes Home Lie-Down Bed
Galaxy 30 Home Tanning Booth by ESB 30 10 minutes Home Stand Up Bed