9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Before Your Tropical Wedding [Infographic]

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Your dream wedding is so close you can taste it, but it has come to the point where you are downright worn out and ready to just chill. Check out this infographic and learn about some great ways to really treat yourself right, because after all, you deserve every glorious minute of it!

9 Ways to Pamper Yourself Before Your Tropical Wedding

You've worked so hard to create the day of your dreams and it's almost time for the big event to go down in the warm sun! What better way to reward yourself than by taking some time to relax and unwind before the real party starts.

1) Hair

All bets are on the table and most likely, you haven't given your hair a second thought because you've been so busy worrying about everything else on your wedding to-do list! Take some time to sit back and get a cut and color for your hair. Or just go into the salon and get a relaxing wash and dry (those shampoo head massages are the best!). Prepare your hair for the crisp tropical sun by adding some coconut oil to your roots.

2) Nails

Neglecting your fingernails is very easy to do when you're working hard and not playing hard. Chips, dents, and scratches are bound to happen when you're busy, but as soon as things slow down, book that appointment to your favorite nail salon. A mani/pedi combo will be just what you need before your big day. Your hands and feet will look and feel fabulous in the toasty sand!

3) Makeup Fun

Take some time a few weeks before your wedding to find the perfect makeup look for your wedding. Trying different foundations out will help you decide which color works well with your skin tone in the sunlight. It's also fun to mess around with eyeshadow to see if you like more natural colors like shades of brown or bright colors like pinks and blues. Last but not least, try some natural bronzer or illuminizer to add extra glow to your face.

4) Tanning

Close your eyes and picture a gorgeous tropical wedding with fruity drinks, colorful flowers, the perfect temperature, and a very pasty white bride. Rewind...that's right, your skin is a glowing white and you're blinding everyone, not the Tahiti sun! That can be an easy fix if you take some time to venture to the tanning salon a handful of times before you exchange your vows. Within a few short weeks you will be toned, tanned, and ready for the best day of your life (and to wear that cute new bikini!).

5) Ladies & Gents Night Out

A night out on the town is a great way to leave work and responsibilities on the back burner and just focus on who you are with. You can catch up with friends, talk about your week, and get excited for your wedding in paradise! Good food, good drinks, and some classy dancing is everything you need to forget about the stresses in life.

6) Massage

Nothing will relax you and relieve your stress more than a 90 minute Swedish massage. This is a luxurious type of pampering and you deserve it! This is zen time and this is you time. A massage will physically prepare you for your island like wedding by rejuvenating your entire body in preparation for all that crazy hula dancing at your reception, right?

7) Good Sleep

We've all heard the phrase "I can't, I need a beauty rest." Well, it's no joke my dear friends! Lack of sleep has actually been proven to affect your mood and health, and can leave you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Aside from being a total grump, getting little sleep will show on your face and you'll be left with unwanted eye bags, and not enough sparkle and glow in your eyes. Sounds tragic... so avoid it by getting your beauty sleep before you get hitched!

8) Mineral Bath

Soaking your body in minerals will leave you feeling like a new woman! Rejuvenated and relaxed, you will be ready for anything, especially if your took yourself to the tanning salon as well! Your glowing skin will be ultra-radiant as you walk down the aisle and into the arms of your cabana boy hubby!

9) Go Shopping

Go shopping? You can say that again! What ever will you wear to your reception? What about the next day when you want to hit the beach? Or that nice little restaurant with open seating by the water? All valid questions. Give yourself some time to go shopping and find the perfect outfits you will need for all the fun to come. A little shopping never hurt anyone.

The Result?

Chances are you are no ultra relaxed, beautified, and ready for one super awesome wedding day.

Don't forget the suntan lotion and martini glasses because things are about to get R-E-A-L.

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