Home Tanning Beds For Sale!

Lowest Price Guarantee for All Home Tanning BedsIf you're looking for the best home tanning beds for sale, you've come to the right place! During our annual sale event, save up to 36% on all residential tanning beds. Our selection includes traditional lay-down beds as well as highly popular home stand-up tanning beds.

We've got tanning beds of all of the biggest brand-names in the industry - ESB™, and Solar Storm™ - and every one of them is covered by our 200% Lowest Price Guarantee.

Oasis 36 Stand-Up Home Tanning Booth

Oasis 36 Stand-Up Home Tanning Booth

Sale price $3,999.00 Regular price $5,249.00 Save $1,250
Galaxy 30 Home Tanning Booth by ESB

Galaxy 30 Home Tanning Booth by ESB

Sale price $3,499.00 Regular price $4,699.99 Save $1,200

Everything You Should Know About Home Tanning Beds

Home Tanning Beds for a Beach Ready TanIf you are an avid tanner, you might have considered buying a tanning bed for personal use at home. When you take the cost of tanning at a salon into account - monthly fees, the cost of driving, and overpriced salon products - the one-time price of a residential tanning bed will save you money over time.

While all of our home tanning beds for sale are supplied by tried and true brands, the main differences between products are session times, wattage, bulb count, and included and optional features. Read on to learn which model will be the best fit and give you a beach-ready tan all year long.

Home Tanning Bed Bulbs

At Tanning Beds Direct, each tanning bed we list offers you a mix of UVB rays and UVA rays. This combination helps you to get the most out of your tanning bed. Most of our home tanning beds come standard with bulbs that emit more UVB rays. These rays are better for those who are newer to tanning. 

Optional bronzing bulbs emit more UVA rays, which provide a deeper, longer-lasting, bronze tan. These rays sink deep into your skin to promote more melanin production. Bronzing bulbs are best suited for those who are experienced tanners.

Home Tanning Bed Tanning Times

Our home tanning beds range from 12 to 20 minute sessions for best results. Never exceed the maximum amount of time in attempt to get a better tan. The SunLite 32 Deluxe delivers one of the most efficient tans available in the industry at 12 minutes. With 32 Wolff Bronzing bulbs, a body cooling fan, and a large tanning surface, this tanning bed allows you to jump in, comfortably listen to a 

Sunlite Deluxe Home Tanning Bed with Digital Timer for Salecouple songs using the included mp3 audio system, and jump out quicker than it would probably take you to drive to a salon. Like all the SunLite Deluxe products, which offer bulb counts of 16, 24, and 32, this package includes tanning lotions, a pillow, eye protection, and cleaner.

If you really want to take monitoring the time out of your tanning experience, check out brands that include digital timers, wake up alarms, and/or delayed start options, like the Galaxy and Avalon series tanning beds.

Tanning Bed Temperature & Ventilation

Home Tanning Bed with Fan Cooling SystemTo combat a stuffy tanning experience, several of our home tanning beds for sale include cooling systems, which are engineered to allow the lamps to work effectively while keeping consistent air circulation around the user's body. Our SunLite Deluxe series and our Avalon series come with built-in cooling systems and fans, but you can add a fan onto any of our Solar Storm series home tanning beds.

Home Tanning Bed Sanitization

You Can Make Your Own Home Tanning Bed CleanerMake sure that you clean your tanning bed after each use. The environment created by UV lamps and warm temperatures required for an effective tan can potentially lead to sweat and bacteria lingering. Never nestle into your tanning bed if you have an open wound or sore. You might exacerbate the wound by exposing it to UV light. You can purchase tanning bed cleaner or make your own solution - just make sure to clean your home tanning bed thoroughly.