Commercial Tanning Beds (Best Brands)

Lowest Prices for all Commercial Tanning BedsOur commercial tanning beds come from the best manufacturers in the industry. That's why we're confident in our 200% Lowest Price Guarantee. Browse through our commercial tanning beds for sale to find the bulb count, features, and warranty that will work best for your tanning salon or gym. 

Everything You Should Know About Commercial Tanning Beds

Although you could use these tanning beds for non-commercial purposes, the electrical outlet requirements, warranty specifications, and the price point suggest that anyone looking for residential tanning beds should check out our home tanning beds for sale.

Commercial Tanning Bed Lamps, Tanning Time, and Voltage

All of our commercial tanning beds have bulbs that emit a combination of both UVA rays and UVB rays. While some tanning brands offer beds with only UVA rays, our combination ensures that your customers receive every benefit they can from their tanning session. UVA rays give a deep, glowing tan, while UVB rays help to provide vitamin D. Our standard bulbs are perfect for customers who are new to tanning.

Wolff Commercial Tanning Bed BulbsWhile some of our commercial tanning beds have bronzing lamps included, others offer the option for an upgrade. Standard bulbs use primarily UVB rays, but the Wolff Bronzing Lamps emit more UVA rays. UVA rays sink deeper into the skin, causing it to produce more melanin for a longer lasting, bronze toned tan. Our commercial tanning beds offer 24 to 48 tanning bed bulbs.

Stand Up Commercial Tanning Beds for SaleIt's a common misconception that the more bulbs you have, the shorter your tanning time. However this isn't quite true. Instead, each bed or booth has a set tanning session time that should be followed. Profits can be increased by offering shorter tan times at slightly higher prices. You may also want to offer both traditional lie-down tanning beds and stand up tanning beds in your salon to suit customer preferences. Lie-down beds are typically more relaxing, but stand up tanning beds deliver a more even tan.

Our commercial tanning beds run off of 220 volts. If you are already running beds for your business, you probably already have a circuit breaker. However, if you are just now opening a tanning salon or adding a bed to your gym, be prepared for the installation when your new bed arrives.

Commercial Tanning Bed Sanitization

Since commercial tanning beds are going to be used by multiple people on a daily basis, it is absolutely critical to sanitize units after every single use. While ventilation systems and room temperature can help improve your equipment's air flow, there is no way to completely prevent buildup of sweat and tanning lotion Keep Commercial Tanning Beds Sanitizedresidue without sanitizing. To completely eradicate any chance of spreadable diseases, apply disinfectants to the beds after each client's use. Examples of these disinfectants are Benzarid, Caltech, or Septodont. 

You should also disinfect accessories you offer, like goggles or headrests. If you supply pillows, those should also be washed after each use. For sanitation reasons, you should never consider used tanning beds for sale on Ebay or Craigslist. You have no idea what the sanitation procedures were of the previous owners and they could literally be a hotbed of germs!

Adhering to Local Commercial Tanning Bed Laws

Follow All Commercial Tanning Bed LawsIf you are planning on opening a tanning salon, make sure to observe local laws and regulations to keep your business viable. Visit the National Conference of State Legislatures website to view commercial tanning bed restrictions by state.

Typical restrictions and regulations include age requirements, required eye protection, and time limits. Some states are disallow anyone under 18 from using commercial tanning beds. Other states have regulations concerning how many visits clients can make in a certain number of days. Not only is it unethical to disregard your local laws, it could result in a substantial fine or be potentially dangerous to the people you offer your services to.